Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

How to turn your fear of public speaking into a "manageable" challenge?

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

16th Issue of Newsletter

Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

Does it seem overwhelming to overcome your fear of public speaking?

Let's turn it into something easy to achieve.


First, let me ask you this ...

What do you expect from yourself in this journey of overcoming your anxiety?

Do you expect to become a confident person who knows how to manage the speaking nerves, get your point across

... and not get worried sick when it's time to speak in front of others?


do you expect to speak like someone else (e.g., Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, etc.)?

I used to think that as a public speaker ...

  • you must be polished and completely free of any imperfections on stage
  • you must be the master of the craft
  • you must not appear nervous on stage, not even a single bit
  • vulnerability is a sign of weakness
  • there's no room for error in public speaking
  • Otherwise, the audience will reject you as a speaker and as a confident person.

But this expectation is wrong for 2 reasons:

First, it won't get you started.

This very expectation caused me the crippling fear and anxiety around public speaking for almost 3 decades of my life.

Second, your audience won't relate with you.

Vulnerability and nervousness are the emotions that make your audience resonate and connect with you on a deep human and emotional level that no amount of speaking mastery can achieve.

Here's a TEDx talk on the Power of Vulnerability, which has been viewed over 21 million times.

The best talk I ever did was on the day when I was extremely nervous and vulnerable.

But the difference was that I was confident in my ability to manage those speaking nerves.

In short, I was confidently nervous.

In my opinion ...

The ideal expectation should be to become a person who knows how to manage the speaking nerves and get your point across without getting worried sick weeks and days before and during your speaking engagement.

We can achieve it by ...

Identifying and eliminating the root causes of your anxiety rather than focusing on just practicing like crazy

... you might over-practicing but still unable to speak confidently.

The root of any anxiety out there is one and only one thing ...

your belief system

... because no one was born with any anxiety or fear. We invent them after interacting with people around us.

So, let's work on your belief systems and find out what beliefs are limiting your potential and causing you this anxiety in the first place.

Once identified, get them eliminated by a professional—that's exactly what DenverSpeakUp can help you with.

At the end of this stage, you are going to be a confident speaker and of course a confident person ...

you would become the person who is willing to have a conversation with the audience the way we do it at the dinner table.

That's it!

I don't want to make it more complicated than this ...

If you can put yourself out there in front of others, manage the speaking nerves, and get your point across, you have become a confident speaker.

Once you overcome this crippling fear, the sky is the limit.



Let's not overcomplicate public speaking anxiety. Overcome your anxiety by identifying and eliminating the root causes.

The ideal expectation is to manage the speaking nerves and get your point across confidently without getting worried sick for months, weeks, or days before the speaking engagement.

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Waqas, Founder & Speaking Coach

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Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

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