Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

How You Think About Your Speaking Nerves Matters ...

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24th Issue of Newsletter

Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety


Would you believe it if I told you:

It's not the nervousness that's your problem but how you see it makes all the difference.

Don't believe me yet?

Okay, lemme explain.

Have you ever thought about why body-shaming doesn't make people eat healthy and become fit?

And ...

Why doesn't putting warning labels on cigarette packs make smokers quit and live healthily?

You know ... those warning labels "Cigarettes Cause Cancer" depicting grotesque and ugly photos of cancer.

(I controlled the urge to put that horrific label photo here, but click the above link if you're curious)

What if I told you this is doing more harm than good?

Researchers have found the results to be quite the opposite. Such negative messaging made people do the very act, they were supposed to stop doing.

Shocking, right?

Studies found that people who were body-shamed ate more junk food and comfort food and became even more obese.

Smokers didn't quit smoking

... instead smoked even more cigarettes to break free from worries and the fear of a horrible forthcoming death by cancer after being reminded by the warning cancer labels.

Similarly ...

If you are being fed with negative messaging such as speaking nerves are the root cause behind your crippling fear and anxiety around public speaking

... it is making you even more nervous and anxious when asked to speak in public.

Here's why negative messaging fails:

Humans act based on either emotions or habits.

Body-shaming, bizarre cancer warning labels, and negative views about speaking nerves give rise to emotions of fear, anxiety, disappointment, and frustration.

And what better way is there to break free of such emotions than eating more comfort food, lighting up another cigarette, and avoiding public speaking altogether?

When it comes to overcoming public speaking anxiety ...

most wants to get rid of the speaking nerves altogether.

Let me break it to you ...

No one can do that for you. Period!

This is the wrong way to overcome your speaking nerves.

As long as you are a human with emotions and care about your speaking engagements and the audience you are going to speak to, the speaking nerves will be alongside you.


Your speaking nerves make you prepared by rising up to the challenge and doing your best.

So, isn't it a good thing?

Dale Carnegie has famously said this

"Public speakers who say they are as cool as cucumber, oftentimes they are as inspiring as a cucumber"

Meaning ... they are boring as hell.

They don't care about the wants of the audience. They just want an audience to blabber on and on for eternity.

So, what does public speaking confidence mean?

  • It means you embrace speaking nerves under stage lights
  • It means you know what to do when your mind blanks out on stage
  • It means you don't fear showing your vulnerability and human side on stage
  • It means you face your fear and look your demons in the eye

Public speaking confidence is NOT the absence of speaking nerves, but your ability to fight back and stand tall in the face of your fear.

That's a wrap!

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I want you to leave with this key takeaway:

It's not the nervousness that's your problem but how you see it makes all the difference.


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Waqas, Founder & Speaking Coach

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Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

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