Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

Two Reasons to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Published 2 months ago • 3 min read

15th Issue of Newsletter

Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

Ever wonder why you should do anything to get rid of the fear and anxiety around public speaking?

Let's find out why!


Let's accept it ... Public speaking is inevitable.

You can't escape from it—unless you are the first and only traveler to Mars.

Public speaking is NOT ONLY a keynote speech to an audience of 2000 people on a big scary stage.

Whenever you are talking to someone other than yourself, it's public speaking:

It could be with your family, your friends, strangers at the park or in the gym, your boss, your colleagues at the weekly update meeting, or speaking to a team of people you lead.

It is also public speaking when you are giving a toast at a wedding party ...

or in an interview for your dream job.

And, when you have to give a big presentation that will determine what direction your career or business will take.


Reader ... here's why you should care about it:

1 - Self-confidence boost

Let me start with one of my favorite quotes from the public speaking legend:

"Public speaking training is the royal road to self-confidence." —Dale Carnegie

I can personally attest to this.

I am one the lucky ones who have been on this royal road for the past 3 years or so ...

and boy oh boy! The boost in self-confidence has been unreal.

I promise you will experience it too once you finally decide to take the first step.

This was me before I overcame the fear of speaking in public:

  • I dreaded public speaking
  • I used to avoid it at all costs
  • I used to think public speakers are born and not made
  • Missed so many opportunities to promote myself and share my ideas
  • I got publicly humiliated in an interview—which I'm grateful for now as it put me face to face with my reality and led me to embark upon this royal journey.
  • I became extremely self-conscious
  • My self-confidence hit rock bottom

This is me after overcoming the crippling fear of public speaking:

  • I constantly look for public speaking opportunities
  • Became self-confident and delivered over 50+ talks and presentations
  • Delivered a speech to the entire middle and high school—my alma mater
  • Created this belief: I can achieve anything if it's humanly possible
  • Founded the public speaking coaching business
  • I am on a mission to help you get rid of this anxiety and fear because if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Once you overcome it, you will be self-confident not only on stage but also off stage. (Let me know here how I can help you on this Reader)

I am still an amateur speaker who is learning and will continue to learn until I'm alive.

I face many problems during my talks and presentations, but fear and speaking anxiety is not one of them.

2 - Increase in your value and worth

Let me quote the big gun and the world's richest man on this:

"You can improve your value by over 50 percent just by learning communication skills—public speaking" —Warren Buffet

He also said:

"If you can’t communicate and talk to other people and get across your ideas, you’re giving up your potential"—Warren Buffet

And one more quote by Buffet ...

I saw a glimpse of it in 2022, when I interviewed for a job position ...

I was self-confident in the panel presentation part of the interview and landed my dream job!

As a result, my annual income increased by over 600%. Yes, a whopping 600%!!!

The fact that I founded my coaching business DenverSpeakUp last year was the direct result of overcoming my anxiety around public speaking.

It is also the very reason you are reading this newsletter today

... and are on this journey with me to crush your fears and gain the self-confidence you always wanted.

I am grateful that I finally made this investment in myself and reaping the harvest today, as Buffet said ...

Public speaking is the one investment that supersedes all the others.



The boost in your self-confidence and increase in net worth and value are the 2 biggest reasons why you should take your public speaking anxiety seriously.

... because being shy and anxious won't take you far in life—it's just a waste of your potential.


Let me know what you liked about today's issue? I personally reply to EVERY email.


1 - 1:1 coaching - I'm now offering 1:1 coaching (limited openings) to help you overcome the crippling fear of public speaking (in under 2 months) by eliminating limiting beliefs and gain the self-confidence you always wanted.

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Waqas, Founder & Speaking Coach

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Free Your Voice from Speaking Anxiety

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